TLA House Highlights

Jul 30, 2021


It has been great year for Arbib House this year with 5450 achievement points and 95.42% attendance, showing all that Arbib is truly a great house to be in.

In sad news, Mr Bury 11Arbib House Tutor is leaving Arbib and going to Globe. We welcome Keroneque McNabb-Henry as the new Year 7 Tutor to replace him.

During the last week of term not only do we have sports day but we have House foci lessons for Years 7 and 8, and so Arbib will be delivering Retro-Gaming. This session will allow students to interact with old computers, such as a Commodore 64 (see below) and an Amstrad CPC. The students will then create a computer game using Microsoft Makecode Arcade:, where they create their own graphics/sprites and use block programming.

Lastly, I thank all the Arbib students and Tutors for trying their very best over this very difficult year and here’s hoping for more normal and stable year next year.

Mr Blackford - Head of Arbib House


This has been a challenging year, with students having to adapt to remote and blended teaching and learning. We pulled through and celebrate another year of achievements. Though most activities for Science week were online, students had a positive and rewarding experience. Well done all for your hard work and resilience.

At least 2 billion people in the world get their water from contaminated sources. Whilst this is not an issue in our country, it is important to understand the plight of others in poorer countries around the world. Our Year 7 and 8 students end the year looking at this during CAS week, designing an effective water filtration system.

Mr Muranda - Head of Darwin House


This is the last newsletter that I will be writing as Head of Gaia and I just want to start with saying it has been a pleasure championing our cause of ‘Sustainability' and inspiring so many students to put the environment first. I wish my successor every success and I know that Gaia House will be welcoming as they are among the kindest in the school. I have enjoyed the many different activities we have been up to over the years together, from the plastic bag jelly fish to designing reusable bags and upcycling clothing through tie dye - much fun has been had by all!

What a term to end on. In particular this CAS Week. Sports day has seen many triumph with a big shout out in particular for Year 8 Gaia boys relay team who smashed both of their races, cheered on by an inflatable Dinosaur called Jorge. Success was also had with the Year 7 camp, looking like they may win, though final results are still to be announced.

Head of House wise, we have all been having a blast making bug houses. Bugs are important for a number of reasons; food for animals such as bats, pollinating plants and crops, as well as decomposing materials. Using old chocolate containers the students have turned them into camouflaged houses, making sure the insides are comfortable for their chosen bugs.

Thank you for all your support each of you have given me in the role and I look forward to what happens with Gaia House next year! Good luck, I am very proud of all of you!

Ms Brown - Head of Gaia House


It has been a crazy final term for the whole academy as we said goodbye to our Year 11 and 13 students and continued our work with our remaining students!

For me, the final term of the year should always be about celebrating the students and their achievements and this year is no different. Firstly, I would like to congratulate Christian Baluta of Year 11 for winning the Globe Student of the Year and Harley Townsend for winning Internationalist of the Year. A huge congratulations to both boys!
As well as this, I would like to thank Year 7 and 8 Globe for taking part in our House activities this week and making some very impressive house flags. All of you worked really hard.

Finally I would like to wish each and every one of you in the academy community a very pleasant and relaxing summer. It’s been a very difficult year but you have all taken it in your strides and with a bit of luck, next year can be even better!

Mr Raymond - Head of Globe House


As we finally approach the end of this very strange and challenging year I would thank all members of Grace House, staff and students for their incredible level of determination and drive to complete this term on a high. It has been a very different term without 11Grace around as they have now finished all of their assessments and their TAG’s have been confirmed. Walking around the academy I have been very impressed by all of the other Grace House Tutor groups and how they have really “stepped up” into their new roles as more senior members of the Grace House community. Every year around this time I always see teamwork, determination and a will to succeed that truly match the ethos of what it means to be a true Grace House member.

Take care, enjoy the summer and I will see you all in September.

Mr Ferrin - Head of Grace House


I wish all the staff and students have a wonderful break and enjoy their time off. I have been very impressed with the interest in rowing and the number of students now attending rowing club. If you are interested in joining or having a try please feel free to contact me or Mr Weare. Next year I am hoping that there are more opportunities due to easing of restrictions.

House sports were completed over the previous term. It has been wonderful seeing so many students represent Henley. I hope the students have enjoyed participating and are looking forward to the next up and coming competitions in the new academic year.

Mr Sussex - Head of Henley House