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The Langley Community

We would like to encourage our staff, pupils, parents and local community to support local businesses, furthering our goal of strengthening connections and relationships in the community. 

Introducing the Langley Community ‘Teddy Trail’ Treasure Hunt!

What better way to explore the heart of Langley with friends and family, than with a treasure hunt, uncovering a hidden message in our local businesses. The hunt will lead our community on a quest to find sixteen teddy bears, each tucked away in a different shop. But these aren't just any teddies – they hold the key to unlocking a message.

Each teddy will proudly display a word on its neck to be written down during the quest, and when combined, the first letter of these words will spell out a word. The challenge is to uncover what this word is.

Shop and business owners on the Langley High Street will be hosting one of our teddies in their windows from 29th June – 12th July. Once you have found the teddy and the word you will need to enter your answer on this form.

The forms can be handed in at our stall at the Langley Carnival on Saturday 13th July. Each entry will then be entered into a prize draw and the winner will be announced at the carnival.

By participating in the Langley Community Treasure Hunt, you'll not only contribute to the excitement leading up to the Langley Carnival but strengthen the bonds that make our community so special.

So, are you ready to take part in the Langley Community Treasure Hunt and celebrate the spirit of Langley together?

We look forward to having some fun.

The Arbib Education Trust