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@Arbib_Ed - Feb 9
!We have been encouraging our young people to use their voices and share what matters through a range of engaging activities. From Sport in Mind workshops to Relax Kids sessions practicing, meditation, brain breaks and yoga. pic.twitter.com/KGgnpRrC8B— The Arbib Education Trust () February 9, 2024
@Arbib_Ed - Feb 8
Taking learning beyond the pages! Our Year 7s stepped into the world of ‘A Monster Calls’ with a visit to our local yew tree. Just like the tree in the book, it has inspired gothic imaginations, symbolising life and death as well as being a doorway to ancient tales.🌳📚 pic.twitter.com/n39wvkYR9x— The Arbib Education Trust () February 8, 2024
@Arbib_Ed - Feb 8
Year Six were mesmerised by their visit to , exploring the history of World War Two and the invaluable contributions made by Commonwealth soldiers. An immersive learning experience that sparked curiosity and deepened understanding pic.twitter.com/p04TdkOedu— The Arbib Education Trust () February 8, 2024
@Arbib_Ed - Feb 7
Honing our computational thinking! Well done to our nine talented students who scored within the top 10% of the country in the ! showcasing their problem-solving abilities at the prestigious . pic.twitter.com/FqLyQOQu8f— The Arbib Education Trust () February 7, 2024
@Arbib_Ed - Feb 6
Happy ! Today we learnt about the mark Gen AI is making. In this special episode, children got to see how Gen AI is reshaping our world, in the workplace and in our daily lives. pic.twitter.com/2xYVIc1zN4— The Arbib Education Trust () February 6, 2024
@Arbib_Ed - Feb 6
Our first competition was a buzzing success! Congratulations to our talented spellers who showcased their public speaking and boosted their confidence on stage. Our champions: Pasoon. C for KS1, Burhanuddin for LKS2, and Sana. M for UKS2! 🏆 pic.twitter.com/uRWvp4JUOS— The Arbib Education Trust () February 6, 2024
@Arbib_Ed - Feb 5
How can we prove dinosaurs existed? From exploring fossils at The Natural History Museum to getting hands-on as paleontologists, we dug deep into the world of prehistoric creatures. We also uncovered the legacy of Mary Anning and her groundbreaking finds. pic.twitter.com/WVJyCEUPiF— The Arbib Education Trust () February 5, 2024
@Arbib_Ed - Feb 5
🎶 Our young vocalists have been perfecting their singing for weeks and last week our shining stars performed at the Young Voices, Wembley - the largest children’s choir concert. Well done to our talented 🎶#HeritageHarmonies pic.twitter.com/wR0HZSpMSB— The Arbib Education Trust () February 5, 2024
@Arbib_Ed - Feb 5
🎢 How do you engineer the longest, fastest roller coaster? Our year 9 science enthusiasts went to Euro Disney to get inspiration, unleash their creativity and understand the laws of physics pic.twitter.com/H4Kd8vamPM— The Arbib Education Trust () February 5, 2024
@Arbib_Ed - Feb 2
Today our pupils put their number-crunching powers to the test in our very own “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” maths quiz! 🧮 A thrilling challenge for our brilliant mathematicians which raised a whooping £245.55 for 🏆 pic.twitter.com/uTSwDkZM4W— The Arbib Education Trust () February 2, 2024
@Arbib_Ed - Feb 2
Year 4 innovators are taking the stage! Inspired by legendary inventors that changed the world our pupils have created their own ingenious solutions to everyday challenges. Today, our young entrepreneurs faced the Dragons – will their pitches spark investment? pic.twitter.com/OvaSNmlS6d— The Arbib Education Trust () February 2, 2024
@Arbib_Ed - Jan 31
Ancient Wonders Unveiled! Our young scholars explored the mysteries of Ancient Egypt at Eton College. From real artifacts to captivating stories, our children immersed themselves in Egyptian times. Learning beyond the classroom! 🏛️#HandsOnLearning pic.twitter.com/Q6FTAdxgyL— The Arbib Education Trust () January 31, 2024
@Arbib_Ed - Jan 29
📜 Journey Through Time: Our students stepped into the past at , experiencing the Victorian era firsthand. From a true-to-life schoolroom they gained a fascinating insight into the history of education. Learning comes to life! pic.twitter.com/JNtVHXnLUt— The Arbib Education Trust () January 29, 2024
@Arbib_Ed - Jan 26
‘Work’ and ‘Fun’ can go together! We know having a laugh releases endorphins and makes you feel so much better🤣 Today on we all had a laugh together pic.twitter.com/wegrdHJceC— The Arbib Education Trust () January 26, 2024
@Arbib_Ed - Jan 26
Thrilled to have this week for an incredible Viking and Anglo-Saxon workshop! 🛡️🗡️ The kids got an up-close look at authentic armour, chain-mail, whittling knives, swords, and axes from that fascinating era. 📚 pic.twitter.com/6sIYGYjfmT— The Arbib Education Trust () January 26, 2024
@Arbib_Ed - Jan 26
Exploring the UK’s dynamic urban landscape! Our students investigated the impact of regeneration of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park on the local area. From East Village to Stratford Station, Westfield shopping centre to Carpenter's estate. 🏙️🔍 pic.twitter.com/SUon1HTxxB— The Arbib Education Trust () January 26, 2024
@Arbib_Ed - Jan 24
📚 Following the successful publication of “The Fatal Football and other stories,” our talented students are embarking on their next adventure. Today’s story writing session with the amazing focussed on crafting vivid characters and immersive settings pic.twitter.com/vzOMa1xaq8— The Arbib Education Trust () January 24, 2024
@Arbib_Ed - Jan 22
🏛️Exploring history at ! Bringing learning to life. https://t.co/DWPFQD4YX1— The Arbib Education Trust () January 22, 2024
@Arbib_Ed - Jan 19
The secrets of captivating storytelling! Today, Ali Sparks shared her wisdom on how to entice readers with impactful titles, blurbs and opening stories. Inspired, our students wowed us with the start of their own short stories. Thank you and https://t.co/pc4ZA7Qdky pic.twitter.com/RLXoy71DW4— The Arbib Education Trust () January 19, 2024
@Arbib_Ed - Jan 18
Touching lives and making a real difference! raised a whopping £3,204 for during December’s Reindeer Run. Special shoutout to Bobby, our top fundraiser! 🏆 This generous contribution will fund 32 more nurse visits pic.twitter.com/0dvrrlkXQw— The Arbib Education Trust () January 18, 2024
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