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@Arbib_Ed - Oct 4
Our children have been exploring the Stone Age. Thank you to Anthony Brown for bringing the Stone Age to life. We discovered what people ate, what they wore and we took part in Stone Age past times in our own TLHP roundhouse https://t.co/lWNxR4Bk3Z
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- Sep 30
Basketball seems a popular choice this year! 🏀 Lots of players for the casual lunch session and over 30 players for our after-school session with the coaches! https://t.co/YYqH86EAtQ
@Arbib_Ed - Sep 28
Our year 8 students learning by doing! https://t.co/2ueX66l2P2
@Arbib_Ed - Sep 26
Our students embraced . We explored: -European events and dates -Famous scientists and their country of origin -Interesting facts about places, events and language In addition to our ELD Bake off competition, raising money for https://t.co/MhBlgirNig
@Arbib_Ed - Sep 26
Thank you to all the universities and companies that came to to share their wealth of experience and knowledge. A big thanks to Amelia Grigg for your presentation and all your tips on how to ‘shine’ . https://t.co/2lT1T4KySe
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TLA Science Faculty
- Sep 22
We’re kicking off the new term with some practice at separating mixtures! Our Year 9 chemists used filtration and evaporation to separate salt from ‘sea water’ https://t.co/ynbnatc9PX
@Arbib_Ed - Sep 16
The Langley Heritage Primary tribute to HRH Queen Elizabeth II and her wonderful life, featuring our choir. We are grateful for everything that she has done for us all. https://t.co/u4llSIuckd
@Arbib_Ed - Sep 9
We are deeply saddened by the death of Her Majesty The Queen. May she rest in peace. Our schools , and join our nation in mourning for our Queen and will continue to be inspired by her life of faith and service. https://t.co/BCwh3ceYaL
@Arbib_Ed - Sep 8
6th Form students reading aloud to some ecstatic children! Being read aloud to is proven to have a positive effect on children’s development and wellbeing. From next week our students will be read aloud to twice a week. https://t.co/5CnPkkUjx0
@Arbib_Ed - Sep 6
We would like to welcome all of our year 7 students from nineteen different primary schools! It’s great to see new students and those from our two primary schools and This is the first year pupils from TLAP have moved up to our secondary school. https://t.co/SoCNTjx12B
@Arbib_Ed - Sep 2
We had two very informative INSET days covering ways to create a culture of reading, giving focus to personal development and as part of our umbrella project Colin from delivered a session on supporting neurodiverse students and families. https://t.co/HYMyeC4oeG
@Arbib_Ed - Sep 2
A huge well done to all our students in years 11 and 13 who worked hard. We wish them every success in their next steps. https://t.co/vgBM4eWqYf
@Arbib_Ed - Aug 3
Happy summer to everybody. We have had a fabulous and eventful year and we are so proud of what our staff and students have achieved in our first full year after Covid. Now it's time to rest and relax and enjoy the holidays. https://t.co/6JAcrmYccO
@Arbib_Ed - Jul 20
Celebrating , here is a snapshot of Archaeology Discovery Day Year 3 asked the question "How do we know what happened in the past?" We are lucky to have an archaeologist in our Museum Learning team to help them explore more. https://t.co/Xgj4lLynaM
@Arbib_Ed - Jul 20
Our children Primary had a great time using the outdoors to bring learning to life – raft building, orienteering, caving, nightline, camping and enjoying their time together. https://t.co/4EoL0FMBxb
@Arbib_Ed - Jul 18
During our science fair our students followed a scientific process to answer many questions ranging from "What factors affect the distance an aeroplane travels?" to "Which is the best battery?" https://t.co/JyV7ZaT96r
@Arbib_Ed - Jul 15
What a talented bunch Langley’s Got Talent. We had an incredible dance act, piano recitals and singing which all had the audience on their feet. Thanks to everyone that took part and well done to winners Amna, Shana and Milan and runners up Anusha and Winnie. https://t.co/PAbHByzQZ1
@Arbib_Ed - Jul 14
We are proud to announce we have achieved The Gold 2021/2022 School Games Mark in recognition for the difference we have made in building confidence and getting our students physically active in and out of the classroom, congratulations https://t.co/B5uAOBZxZ2
@Arbib_Ed - Jul 13
We are immensely proud of our students for achieving DofE silver! https://t.co/teIVBlR89n
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