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@Arbib_Ed - Jan 31
How do we know dinosaurs existed? Our Year 2 students became palaeontologists for the day, using their mathematical and critical thinking skills to investigate real fossils and undertake fieldwork to help them uncover more about the Jurassic Period. https://t.co/RqAXqHmRgC
@Arbib_Ed - Jan 30
Play helps children learn! Our ‘Power of Play’ exhibition showed play supporting seven development areas, including communication - an old doll's pushchair, A Fisher Price workbench and roller skates were a few of the objects to enjoy. https://t.co/UwGt86TQv8
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- Jan 27
🏓Well done to our Year 8 & 9 table tennis squad who played in their first competition today. Special mention to Kyron who was undefeated! 👏👏👏 https://t.co/CPf8c5u01P
@Arbib_Ed - Jan 27
Students learnt about different jobs in the and the various routes in during our latest Scholars Club Talk; thanks to Ruben for sharing his 20 years of experience in the service! https://t.co/CXhHfR6qvg
@Arbib_Ed - Jan 26
Thanks, Adam Strudwick of and , for an interesting talk on working with global companies and the importance of sustainability and diversity in future careers in and https://t.co/nmL2ckG1IE
@Arbib_Ed - Jan 26
Following our Victorian Museum Learning session, our Year 3s experienced what it would be like to be in a Victorian Classroom – singing, writing, history and Maths. They even found out what would happen if Victorian children got into trouble! https://t.co/bVDIJQ2Sw2
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- Jan 26
'What was the greatest achievement of Ancient Civilizations?' Our children explored the Museum of Antiquities to help answer this big question - they looked at objects from the ancient world and discovered more about Ancient Egyptian life. https://t.co/LdhoIO15Gn
@Arbib_Ed - Jan 25
Do you want to make a difference - guiding and helping our students to be the best they can be? Please share with anybody you think may be interested. To find out more, click on the link: https://t.co/ZIGdT253D4 https://t.co/r9AZcewAuL
@Arbib_Ed - Jan 23
Thanks to Matt Oldfield and , authors of phenomenally successful football books, for sharing their creative writing tips with our students https://t.co/YQJs2OlhGl
@Arbib_Ed - Jan 19
Biotechnicians and engineers and their vital role – an agar staining experiment, catapult construction and an exploration of the new interactive Technicians Gallery and Medicine gallery were some of the things our students discovered at the https://t.co/iFNFSjECl2
@Arbib_Ed - Jan 19
The Designer, Maker, User exhibition - 1000 items of twentieth and twenty-first-century designs viewed through the eyes of the designer, manufacturer and user. Our children also learnt about Yinka Illori and his influence on community art projects. https://t.co/RmBDVNESGU
@Arbib_Ed - Jan 19
During the recent Royal visit to Slough, HRH Prince William learned about the and Hive Youth Club collaboration - working together to develop and grow our children into confident young adults https://t.co/0KNbppkx0g
@Arbib_Ed - Jan 18
We are lucky to have an onsite gym to support our healthy body and mind programme. Year 7 students are being taught how to use our gym safely and promote life-long fitness 💪 https://t.co/EZFB5xriz5
@Arbib_Ed - Jan 18
Thanks to for bringing Wind in The Willows to life – a brass kettle, gaiters, a picnic basket and a laundry tub, to name a few of the objects kindly loaned to us to complement our own collection. https://t.co/iXhv9UNF7I
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The Langley Academy
- Jan 17
One of our students not only had the privilege of meeting Prince William today, but also cooking alongside him during his visit to the Together as One, Charity headquarters in Slough 🙌🏽 https://t.co/jRh5vKtTJ0
@Arbib_Ed - Jan 17
A wonderful start to the 'People Who Help Us and Real-Life Superheroes' topic . Local police officers talked to our children, and our children loved asking lots of questions. Thank you https://t.co/lQsbLlSGz6
@Arbib_Ed - Jan 14
Do you have previous experience in pastoral and academic education and want to help students realise and fulfil their full potential? To find out more, click on the link. Please share with anybody you think may be interested. https://t.co/ZIGdT253D4 https://t.co/sJJTZrfGHY
@Arbib_Ed - Jan 12
Year 11 Urban Field trip to Canary Wharf! Our students compared the environmental quality and economic use of different sites around Canary Wharf to historical records and saw the area's journey from docklands to where it is now. https://t.co/oL3A5Lx7km
@Arbib_Ed - Dec 21
🎄We wish you all the very best for the festive Christmas period and for a fantastic New Year.🎄 From everybody at the Arbib Education Trust https://t.co/W0EQuZOLYw
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The Langley Academy
- Dec 19
Do you want to deepen our student's knowledge of the world around us and bring geography learning to life using our unique resources? To find out more, click on the link. Please share with anybody you think may be interested. https://t.co/ES4BmKswXs https://t.co/10zisOBa7R
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