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Our Executive Principal

ReadyWelcome from Rhodri Bryant

I am delighted that you are looking at our website and hopefully you will be getting a real sense of life at The Arbib Education Trust. 

I want to set out the reasons why we think it is so exciting. The Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) encompasses The Langley Academy Secondary, The Langley Academy Primary and The Langley Heritage Primary. Our vision is to ensure we provide an exceptional education for every child in the Trust through high aspirations and quality learning through curiosity, exploration and discovery. These three words underpin our Museum Learning philosophy and what matters to us most when we think about education for our young people and preparing them for the world ahead. This year, The Langley Academy Primary has a full complement of year groups so we now have approximately 2,500 students and 350 staff working in the Trust.

The Trust is in its seventh year and most recently developed its strapline, “One community. Many ideas. Everyone’s future”. We believe in our wider responsibility of meeting the needs not just of our children/students and staff but those of the community. We believe that schools are communities that should focus on everyone, the children and the staff and consequently, staff development sits at the heart of our work and we believe that a culture of collaboration where we are all encouraged to share our ideas, allows us to meet our strategic objectives.  

Both Primaries are the main feeder schools with right of entry as part of the admissions policy. This means that the curriculum, assessment and pedagogy are continually being developed as a Trust to ensure our young people make rapid progress throughout and helps them in that critical transition period from Year 6 to Year 7.

One of the greatest qualities of the Trust is the Sponsors. Having worked with them since my appointment as Principal of The Langley Academy in April 2012, I cannot praise them highly enough. Annabel Nicoll as the Sponsor has boundless energy and enthusiasm all directed at giving youngsters a better life. As a result of her work, children and students here have quite simply been afforded opportunities that many young people elsewhere in the country just would not get. Staff who work here are able to draw on this support and networking opportunity to develop their own career and importantly contribute towards bettering the education of our young people across the Trust.

We are aspirational and want to be the best MAT in the country with each school rated outstanding as soon as possible. We believe that we have high level leadership across the Trust, creative and inspiring teachers and support staff. We are told at every opportunity by visitors, including Ofsted, that the relationships between children and between the students and staff are amazing. We also know that the cross-phase opportunities offered by the Trust for children and students and the high-level staff development programme make a real difference to our youngsters. This, along with our ability to respond to each other’s needs quickly, and the ‘can do’ approach to everything we do, makes the school environment here for children, students, staff and parents extremely exciting. Please come and visit us if you understand what we are trying to achieve and you would like to be a part of our journey.

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