We aim to provide an exceptional education through collaboration, high expectations and learning which prompts curiosity, exploration and discovery. We want our work in “the Arbib way” to be characterised by a determination to discover ways of succeeding.  We aim to work as a single community of schools sharing many ideas and investing in the future of every child and student in partnership with their families.


One community. Many ideas. Everyone’s future.

One community

The Arbib Education Trust has community at its very heart – creating a sense of belonging and serving local families.

Many ideas

We seek to create an environment which inspires deep curiosity, nurtures exploration of the subject and to discover many perspectives and opinions – creating an inclusive and inquisitive mindset in our students whilst building confidence, acceptance and courage.

In exactly the same way, we encourage all of our teachers to pioneer new ways of learning, challenge the norms and unlock creative ways to inspire future generations.  We ask three simple questions:

  1. How do you encourage ‘curiosity’?
  2. How can you engage our students to ‘explore’ their initial interest and develop it?
  3. What will students have ‘discovered’ as a result of this learning?

Everyone’s future

We want every student passing through our doors to leave with confidence, aspiration and inspiration whilst feeling there is no ceiling to achievement.

We want our teachers and staff to feel a great sense of pride and achievement, making a difference to every child and feeling enriched by their own experience at The Trust.

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