TLHP End of Term Highlights

Jul 23, 2021


Nursery have had a very busy term learning about the oceans and how to keep the oceans clean and what happens if there is rubbish in the ocean. The children made keyrings of ocean animals. We are very excited to welcome our N2 children back to Reception and our N1 children back to Nursery in September. We are now offering a full time (30 hours) provision for Nursery from 8:45 to 3pm. If you are interested, please call the office or email


The children in Reception created their own non fiction books, collating all the information they had learned on Pirates over 6 weeks. This half term the children learned about endangered animals and our role in recycling and sustainability. They designed their own tote bag and independently drew animals.

Year 1

Our Year 1 children have looked at fair trade products and sustainability and made their own products to take home.

Year 2

Year 2 conducted a project this half term around the big question ‘Do animals belong in a zoo?’. During this topic we read ethical, persuasive texts posing the pros and cons of animals being kept in zoos. The children wrote their own persuasive arguments for their points of view which were shared in our exhibition. In addition we created zoo animal masks and clay models which were voted for in our exhibition for the whole school.

Year 3

This term, we have been looking into how we can be the change for our future. The children were given an opportunity to do research into a world issue that they felt passionate about protesting for.

Year 4

For Term 5, Year 4 learned about the British countryside. They focused on the preservation of the countryside and building on our appreciation of it. They created their very own exhibition to show case their learning, which included: landscape paintings, free-verse and rhyming poem, dioramas of the British countryside etc.

Year 5

For Term 5, Year 5 learned all about the history of video games and the impact this has on our lifestyles. Answering the big question “should video gaming be encouraged.” All of the work was based around the world of gaming and included creating their own gaming avatars, Minecraft themed art, plotting coordinates on their own gaming maps, producing writing pieces linked to influential people from the world of gaming, and even creating their own blockbusting video games.  All of this was shown at a Gaming Workshop for the whole school to celebrate their achievements.

This term Year 5 have been looking at 'Protest for Change'. The children looked at various issues of discrimination within the world of sport. Including Racism, gender pay gaps, social media abuse and Disability Sports and how to make sports more inclusive. The children had lots of interesting debates on the different Topics, with many pieces of writing being linked. The children also re-designed an inclusive Olympic Mascot within their Art lessons. To celebrate all of their hard work and learning, the children then took part in the Langley Heritage Paralympics- playing sports including Goalball, Seated Volleyball, Blind Football and Boccia.