About Us

The Museum Learning Team:

  • Emmajane Avery, Trustee for Museum Learning
  • Clare Benton, Deputy Head at The Langley Academy
  • Jenny Blay, Head of Museum Learning
  • Naomi Hudson, Museum Learning Officer
  • Lawrence Hyatt, Deputy Head at The Langley Heritage Primary Academy
  • Grace Shaw, Deputy Head at The Langley Academy Primary Academy

You can get in touch with Jenny and Naomi by emailing museum@langleyacademy.org or by calling 01753 214471

Rhodri Bryant, Executive Principal at The Arbib Education Trust says: "We are pioneering the use of Museum Learning at The Arbib Education Trust. We have high aspirations for our children and young people and are determined to provide an outstanding education. Museum Learning supports our aspirations, instilling confidence and supporting independent learners through our ethos of Curiosity, Exploration and Discovery."